Tips for Corporate Headshots

Corporate Headshot Photography


Getting in front of the camera for a corporate photography session is a great way to showcase your business, and headshots are one of the most popular options. Professional headshots are perfect for use on websites, emails, social media, framed prints and more, and they help build stronger relationships with your clients. To get the best results from your photoshoot, we have put together some simple tips on how to nail your corporate headshots.


Tip #1 Get Comfortable with Having Your Photo Taken

Not everyone is comfortable in front of the camera, and it can seem intimidating to jump straight to having professional headshots taken. It’s a good idea to get comfortable beforehand by asking a friend or family member to take some pictures of you. Most of us only know how we look in the mirror, so examining some test photos is a good way to get familiar with how you look on camera.


Tip #2 Wear the Right Clothes

The clothes you wear set the tone for the entire photoshoot. The safest bet is to keep it simple and professional by wearing comfortable clothes that reflect the business. Many companies simply ask employees to wear their everyday work clothes. Not only are they outfits that are comfortable and familiar, they’re an easy way to communicate your company’s style. Whether that’s a suit and tie for professional companies, jeans and t-shirts for casual offices or something else entirely, clothes help tell the story of the business.

There are no hard rules on what to wear, but it’s best to avoid a few of these common mistakes:

  • Bright Colours. Loud and bright colours don’t always show up well on camera and they can distract from the purpose of having headshots taken. Stick to neutral tones that work well with the background and your skin tone.
  • Busy Patterns. Patterned clothes can look fantastic, but they’re often not the best choice for headshots. 
  • Large Jewellery. Less is more for jewellery. Try to avoid wearing anything that will detract from the headshot by drawing attention away from your face.


Tip #3 Relax!

It’s important to relax as much as you can while having your photo taken. Tense smiles or a stiff posture are easy to spot, even in photos. Strike a relaxed pose that allows you to maintain good posture. Combine that pose with a natural, easy smile and relaxed facial features. If you decide to have a friend snap some test photos then it’s also a good opportunity to test out your poses and facial expressions.


Tip #4 Pick a Good Backdrop

A backdrop can make or break a photoshoot. The right colours and tones will complement your headshots and make it easier to achieve good results during post-processing or image retouching. In some cases the best option is to match your background to the person in the photo. A background with the right colours can make the subject stand out and improve the result. For corporate photography though, it’s usually better to choose a single, neutral background that works with the skin tones and outfits of everyone having their headshot taken.

Any of the following backdrops are a good choice for most headshots:

  • Plain white or grey walls
  • An action shot with the workspace as the background
  • A green spot in the garden
  • A feature wall or mural


Tip #5 Know What You Are Trying to Convey

Corporate headshots are all about presenting the company to its customers. Having a goal in mind from the start helps to get better results from your photoshoot. Ask yourself what message you want to send to your clients and how you can use your headshots to convey information about your company. If you’d like to include props in your shoot then it’s best to keep it simple. One or two items that are relevant to your work should be enough.


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