Boats, Buildings, and Trade Photography

Whether you're a plumber, builder, hotelier, a boat hire company or something outside of the box, we have the experience, knowledge and equipment to ensure your images will impress old and new clients alike. No job is too big, small or difficult, we can shoot on land, water or sky and travel to you throughout Brisbane, up to the Sunshine Coast, south to the Gold Coast and anywhere in between! We will work with you to develop a bespoke package that best suits the marketing plan for your business.

Some available options are:

  • Arranging multiple sessions to create a portfolio of 'before' and 'after' images on your jobs
  • Capturing professional 'after' images for use in conjunction with your own 'before' images to ensure the end result of your work is presented in the best possible light to current and prospective clients alike
  • Interior and Exterior building/structure images that are edited to perfection with colour corrected, walls straightened, reflection minimised or removed etc
  • Working images of your staff/contractors on the job to personalise your website and marketing materials

We have a variety of package options available to match your needs and will work with you to balance your budget with your need for professional photographs that allow you to stand out from your competitors and win future customers.