Business Photography Tips


Whether you’re building a website, posting on social media or creating product catalogues, fresh, relevant and personalised business photography can make all the difference. Your customers now live online in visually-oriented spaces, and high-quality photos add real credibility to your brand. Before you contact a photographer, it’s important to figure out what you need from your photoshoot. In this article, the team from Mel Noonan Creative will cover a few simple tips you can use to get more from your business photography session.


Know What Photos You Need

Business photography is an investment in your brand, and a photoshoot will go more smoothly if you have a vision for the project. Knowing what photos you want to capture can provide direction to the day and ensure you aren’t left struggling to decide what to do next. Generally, business photos fall into a few broad categories. Figure out what photos you want and make sure you have the people, products, equipment and props you’ll need for your photos:

  • Headshots. Professional headshots of your employees give a great first impression and allow your customers to connect with your business on a more personal level.
  • Group shots. Get together for group photos that are great for banners, catalogues, social media and everywhere else.
  • Action shots. Capture your team doing what they do best and tell a story that your customers will love to follow.
  • Product and service shots. Creating an online store? Need descriptive photos for services on your website? Be sure to have all your products on hand for the shoot day.
  • Event photography. Is your business hosting an event like a product launch? Event photography can capture the occasion, but give your photographer advance notice so they can plan accordingly.


Take Action Shots

Sometimes the best way to show off your business is to capture your team in action. Whether you’re tradespeople working on a project, or an office team meeting clients, action shots give a real-world look at what you do and how you do it. Customers love to see brands telling their own story online, rather than using stock photography that could also be used by competitors. Showing your own team in motion is a great way to create a story that your customers can connect with. Ask your team to act naturally and then follow your photographer’s directions to get photos that look great.


People vs Product Photos

Make sure you speak to your photographer about whether you need photos of people, products or both. Photoshoots for your employees come in many different varieties, but product shoots require extra planning. A good product photographer can supply the lighting, backdrops and lightboxes to make each product look the same, regardless of whether it is shot at the same time or 6 months apart. If you’re taking photos of large or complex products like vehicles, you should provide a list of the images you want before the photographer begins their work to ensure nothing is forgotten


Make Sure You’re On Brand

With so many other things to think about, making sure your team is on-brand can sometimes fall by the wayside. But coordinating things like outfits, company uniforms and backdrops can all lend cohesion to your photos. Speak to your staff in advance and lay out your plan for the day. If you wear uniforms or have optional company attire, you may want everyone to wear that for the shoot. Otherwise, coordinating the colours everyone is wearing can also be an effective way to communicate your brand. For example, you could ask everyone to dress in neutral tones and incorporate one clothing item that has the same colour as your business’ branding.


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In an increasingly digital world, great photography can help take your business to the next level. Whether you want to capture formal headshots or document your products, the right photos can help tell your story and attract the customers you’re trying to reach. Speak to the expert team at Mel Noonan Creative if you need professional business photography. We have the equipment to handle all the team, action and product photography you need. Get in touch with us today for more information on our services or to make an appointment!

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